planned contrast

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    Planned Contrasts following MANOVA and RM ANOVA

    Hello, Im not sure I will get much help on this but this is a last resort. DESIGN I have 2 Independent Variables: 1) Group (Experimental and Control) 2) Time (Baseline, Post-Intervention, Follow-up) I have 3 Dependent Variables: 1) IS 2) HS 3) RS Group is the between-subjects factor. Time is...
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    Why is my contrast a 1-way but no sig. interaction in a 2-way ANOVA

    Hi, So I had a 2(analytical task, control task) by 2(rating: confidence, liking) design that I incorrectly put into a One-way ANOVA with planned contrasts, i.e. I made it 4 conditions. The results indicated that my when rating confidence, the analytical task did significantly worse than the...
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    ANOVA planned contrasts

    Dear TalkStats community, Previously a website ( was recommended to me on ANOVA and planned contrasts. The page is very useful, however there are some parts of the description which are hard to follow for me. Could you help me please to...