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    Suggestions for analysis of my experiment

    Hi. I am here to ask you for advice on the method to analyze the data of my experiment (preferably multivariate analysis). I am evaluating the effect of 6 drugs + Ctr applied at 6 different times, I am recording 14 variables (quantitative) of each experimental unit, I have several observations...
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    Calibration set for PLS regression

    Hello everyone, New to this forum and kind of wondering why I hadn't thought to search for one before tonight... I hope a light at the end of the 'searching literature tunnel'. Briefly, I use PLS regression to model spectroscopic measurements of plant material. That's probably neither here...
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    PLS regression in SAS, what does corr1 and corr2 refers to?

    Hi all, I am attempting to interpret the results from a PLS-regression done in SAS, and after the analysis SAS produces a table containing two columns labelled as corr1 and corr2. Does anyone know what corr1 and corr2 in the output-table refers to?
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    Partial least squares (path analysis) - why and how to interpret attached results?

    For my research, I have a model with various mediators and one moderating variable (see image). I derived my data from an experiment. Short summary: - Incentive structure is the main IV (three treatment groups) - Risk behaviour is the DV (continuous variable) - Accountability is another...