pooled cross section

  1. kiton

    Seeking advise on predictive modeling approach

    Hello dear forum members! Currently, I am working on a project that aims to predict a certain cancer-related outcome (y) using a number of control (c) and predictor (X) variables: y(i) = a + c(it) + X(it) + u (1) In Equation (1): y(i) is continuous in nature, data is available only...
  2. F

    Entering panel-data (cross-sectional time-series data) into SPSS for regression

    I am kind of desperate as I dont know how to enter pooled data (I have data about 42 countries over 7 years per variable) into SPSS and then run a regression. So far SPSS does not assign the observations to a certain country and year and rather treats each variable as independent. How do I...
  3. M

    Pooled cross sectional data: How to test for and handle autocorrelation?

    Hi, 1) My goal: I am making a difference-in-difference analysis to estimate the development in political efficacy for a certain group of people relative to another group. I want to test for autocorrelation and handle it (if the test shows that autocorrelation is present). 2) My data: I...