population genetics

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    Heterogeneity calculation based on odds ratios and confidence intervals

    Hi, I wonder if you might be able to help with testing for heterogeneity (Cochran's q or I-squred) in meta-analysing genotypic odds ratios in two groups from two different genetic associations studies of the same phenotype. (This question pertains to genetics, but the principle, I believe, is...
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    Population genetics: prediction of allele frequency distribution

    Is there a software or a R package that does a simulation of spatial distribution of alleles? I'm interested in how a distribution of alleles of functional loci is shaped by a pattern of environmental variables, such as temperatures and water quality. I have data on geographical patterns of...
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    Genotyping using melting temperature data

    I am trying to assign genotypes to individuals from a population using melting temperature information. I am fairly certain that all individuals have one of two genotypes and will therefore have one of two true melting temps. I can cluster the measured temps for all individuals into two groups...