population proportion

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    Basic distance frequency between two populations

    Hello, I have two populations (P1,P2) of 50 000 individuals. Each individual is described by it s frequency in each population (f1,...,f50000 for P1 and f'1,...,f'50000 for P2). I have calculated a mean frequency and I would like to determine which individual is far from the mean and which one...
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    How to estimate population statistics for each category ?

    I have data from a simple random sample having n elements which I’m using to estimate my overall population statistics (mean). My population can be divided into k categories, and I know the composition of my overall population in terms of these categories. As part of my study, I want to estimate...
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    How to analyze a categorical confounding variable for experimental results

    I ran an experiment. The experiment had 3 conditions (C1,C2,C3). I analyzed the results which are countably infinite variables (e.g. - number of points) or a finite set of numbers (e.g. - on a scale of 1-5 how much did you like this?). I have two questions in regards to this data and possible...