power analysis

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    Need help with power analysis!

    Hi all, I need some help with conducting a power analysis for a 3 arm equivalence trial, with 2 treatment groups and 1 control group. Is there anyone who could let me know how this could be done? or guide me to relevant readings? Any input is much appreciated. Thanks Bumblebeeeee!
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    Help with power analysis!

    So, I've never taken a statistics course before. Just completed my honors thesis and graduated. Now I'm trying to do power analysis (post hoc) on my data. Using G power, please help me with what to do/how to interpret the results. First of all, I looked at two independent groups (group 1...
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    Power Analysis for Factorial ANOVA Design?

    Hello, I have the following experimental design: Dependent Variable: time taken for task Independent Variables: task difficulty(2), device configuration(5) Participants are randomly assigned to one task difficulty (easy or hard). They then go through all 5 device configurations (which...