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    Study design flaw - no participant IDs.

    Hi :wave:, I have been asked to do the statistical analysis aspect on a mixed methods study that was supposed to follow a pre/post analysis method in regards to the quantitative aspect of it. The hypothesis on the study is to assess: 1) If a leadership intervention had a statistical...
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    Pre and Post with Treatment group - ANOVA , ANCOVA, Regress differences???

    Hello friends, My main task is to "test" if staff member who participated in the counseling sessions had fewer "Use of Force (UOF)" incidents in the 6 moths after the counseling session. I have a data set with the number of UOF incidents for the staff member in the 6 months before (pre) and...
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    Stacked bar chart, Pre vs Post

    Hi Guys, Basically I have two variables test_pre and test_post. My variables assessed participants self-assessed knowledge using a 5 point liker scale (little to high). I would like to create a stacked bar chart of my two variables- bar next to the other. How can I do this. I google it but...