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    Prediction of label by numerical variables

    Hi, I have the following dataset, and I would like to predict column A by Column B & C column A: 3 lables: a,b,c colum B: numrical values column C: numerical values How can I do it?
  2. N

    Regression verification

    Hello good people of the internet. I was wandering if someone could help me to validate if my data is in control or not? The data consist of a current output, used by a motor to open and close a lid 1000 times in total (1000 cycles). every time the lid opens and closes once I want to observe...
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    Do I have a non-linear regression?

    Hello everyone, I want to start by saying that I don't have too much experience working with continuous dependent variables. I have worked more with Logistic regressions. I want to test if the numbers of Use of Force (UOF) a staff member of a mental clinic had in year 2014 predicts the...
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    categorical predictor variable with many categories

    I want to test the ability of a categorical variable, which has many categories, to predict the outcome of a continuous variable. Specifically, I want to see if diagnostic category (10 different diagnoses) predicts a treatment outcome. After wading through many different sites and texts, I'm...
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    Basic question- Predicting "the whole from a part"

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    Predicting y_hat from a ARCH model

    Hi, I want to do something very easy, but it doesnt work! I need to see the predictions (and errors) of a GARCH model. The Main Variable es "dowclose", and my idea is look if the GARCH model has a good fitting on this variable. Im using this easy code, but the prediction are just 0's...
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    sparse time forecast

    Hello to All I have a dataset pertaining to 1980 and 2000. Because I have actual value in 1980 (CR80) and 2000(CR00); I want to make a model that is a forecast for the data point in 2000 using the value in 1980. I want to use covariates from 1980 to predict how good the forecast is. What...