prediction interval

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    Variance of a sum of predictions

    Hi, I predict the spatial distribution of a species on a regular grid using a regression model. Species numbers vary with environmental covariates. Now I want to predict the overall size of the population within a given area, which means technically that I sum up all predicted values. But...
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    Prediction Intervals

    I am in the process of calculating the prediction intervals on a time series data linear regression model The independent variable in my model is time measured as 1,2,3,4,...,40. I have a dependent variable which is a continuous variable. Now when calculating the prediction intervals using...
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    How do propagate error associated with input variable

    Hello! I have a linear X,Y dataset in R. It is being treated as a linear model [g=lm(Y~X)]. What I want to do is input a specific value of X along with its associated error and determine the prediction interval. To do this without propagating the error associated with the variable, X...
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    Probability of Predicted Values

    As I am still just learning regression and other advanced statistical analysis techniques, I have run into a question that I need help with. My Boss asked me if it were possible to get a confidence interval on the predicted values that my model came up with. So I am looking for something...
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    Log-Normal vs. Student t-distributed Errors - exponential, logarithmic transformation

    Hello All, I'm supporting a client who is attempting to fit a line to a set of 5 (X,Y) data points. Call X years and Y people. I understand the statistical uselessness of only 5 data points particularly when projecting out 20 years which is what they intend to do. Nevertheless... Given in the...
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    Prediction interval of generalized linear models

    When doing predictions using a generalized linear model, how to get the prediction interval or prediction distribution? My model has a gamma distribution and a reciprocal link function in particular. Can anyone please help me on solving this by either analytical methods or simulation?
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    Prediction interval of generalized linear model

    I am trying to do predictions using a generalized linear model, and my model has a gamma distribution for the response variable and a reciprocal link function. Are there ways to obtain the prediction interval or prediction distribution by simulation? I couldn't find any software with such a...