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    I invite you to help me interpret this Biplot from PCA analysis!

    I would like to delete this thread as nobody answer it.
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    Principle Components Analysis: Variation

    Why do you choose the two factors with the highest proportion of variance to use in an analysis? Wouldn't a higher proportion of variance imply less correlation?
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    Between-Group and Within-Group PCA

    Hi all, I'm running a PCA with two species (one fossil and one extant) divided into multiple geographic groups. The program I'm using is called PAST (PAlaeontological STatistics). Anyhow, I'm a little confused about within-group and between-group PCAs and how they differ from a PCA...
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    PCA on forest carbon production

    Hey, I am new to this forum and would like to say thanks in advance to anyone who replies to this message. I have tried thoroughly to discover the solution myself over the last couple of days and have become confused. :confused: (edit: think this post may be in the wrong section of the site if...
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    Why data standardization is necessary in Prinicple Component Analysis (PCA) ?

    Dear Guys, Hi. Generally the PCA process is described as follows: 1: Get some data 2: Standardize the data 3: Calculate the covariance matrix 4: Calculate the eigenvectors and eigenvalues of the covariance matrix 5: Choosing components and forming a feature vector 6: Deriving the new...
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    Principle Component Analysis

    Dear All, I have a problem with PCA in SPSS, more specifically with results from R-matrix and significance of all variable correlations. I found that there is always non-significant correlation between some variables which I have used in PCA. My question is if I should remove such...