probit regression

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    Probit regression - Interpretation of marginal effects of IVs in log/percentage form

    Dear talkstats-community, I already spent hours on websearch for an answer on a question I have regarding the interpretation of marginal effects (at means) of probit regressions. How can I explicitly interpret a marginal effect of a variable that enters in 1) logarithmized form (eg...
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    Logistic Regression vs. Probit Regression

    What are the key differences between Logistic and Probit regression? How does one decide which of them is relevant to a problem?
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    Kruskal-Wallis & Regression: unequal n, unequal sd & non-normal dep.var.

    Hello and thank you for reading this thread! My problem is as follows: I conducted a simple experiment to check for the effect of gender and gender pairing in the outcome of a game (the ultimatum game, I won't bother you with unnecessary details). Important for my question to you, is...
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    Probit/Logit independent variables

    Hello, My DV is a binary variable (Yes/No) and I am using a logit/probit regression analysis. As for my independent variables,there are three I'm primarily interested in. They are all ordinal categorical variables,each of which is of the form: Strongly Agree Agree Indifferent Disagree...