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    Binomial Theorem

    I'm trying to do this following below in R: The Harriet Hotel in downtown Boston has 100 rooms that rent for $150 per night. It costs the hotel $30 per room in variable costs (cleaning, bathroom items, etc.) each night a room is occupied. For each reservation accepted, there is a 5% chance...
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    How to generate many load profiles of EV superchargers in R

    Hi guys :wave:, I make balance simulation of load profile electric vehicle chargers in R. I use CHADEMO (45 kW). I need to genarate a lot of profiles. I can make one profile, but it is not convenient. See example: Chademo1=numeric(1440) ### minute time axis a day for...
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    Chauvenets criterion and multivariate analysis

    Hi Is it a function that could be used in R to run Chauvenets criterion to reject outliers in a data set? Or does it have to be done manually by calculating the mean, standard deviation, probability etc? Also for multivariate analysis in R, what type of analyses can you use when one...
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    graph of binomial distribution in R.

    I want to draw the density of Binomial distribution in R. I tried as : x=dbinom(1:10,10,0.5) x barplot(x) I want to write 1 under the 1st bar, 2 under the 2nd bar, 3 under the 3rd bar and so on. I actually want to draw a graph same as...
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    R, When does the error "$ operator is invalid for atomic vectors" occur?

    pmf <- array(c(2/15,1/15,4/15,1/15,3/15,4/15),dim=c(2,3), dimnames=list(X=1:2,Y=1:3)) pmf$Y Error in pmf$Y : $ operator is invalid for atomic vectors please give detail explanation. I have faced the problem a number of times not only for 'array' but also for 'data.frame'.
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    How to read the data `veteran` from package `survival` in r?

    `state.x77` is a `R` built-in data set.To read the data `state.x77` , i only write `state.x77` in the `R console` and the data set comes immediately. Now i have to read the data `veteran` from package `survival`. But if i write veteran Error:object veteran not found. How...
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    plot histogram in r

    I have the following data set: \begin{tabular}{|l c r|} \hline X & Y & Type \\ \hline 32 & 48.5 & A \\ 36.3 & 42.9 & A \\ 45.8 & 75.8 & A \\ 60.5 & 5457.6 & B \\ 12 & 6666 & B \\ 24.2 & 48.5 & C \\ 271 & 2796.6 & C \\ \hline \end{tabular} Now I have to draw histogram of the...
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    R homework

    1. Fit appropriate regression models to describe relationship between the variables X and Y using the following three data sets separately. Use Y as the response and X as the explanatory variable. You must show all the necessary tables and fi gures for the model fi t and also comment on the fi...
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    r program. Draw the histogram of the eruption waiting periods in 'faithful '.

    #head(faithful) vct <- faithful$waiting #vct #is.vector(vct) range(vct) cls.boundary <- seq(40,100,by=10) #cls.boundary cut.vct <- cut(vct,cls.boundary,right=FALSE) #str(cut.vct) freq<-table(cut.vct) show<-cbind(freq) #show hist(show) Is this right? The Y-axis(frequency) of the...
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    Help with a simple volume aggregation script

    Hi there, I'm having trouble with a simple volume bucketing script. Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated. Starting with 2 vectors, id and volume > volume <- c(0,0,0,120,110,0,50,78,170,11,0,0,5,0,56,13,0,78) > id <- seq(1,length(volume)) > v_id <-...
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    which type of ANOVA?

    N mineralisation is dependent variable. Management type (4 types) and position in valley (3 positions; nested in valley (with valley nested in management type [is this possible?])) are my independent variables. I want to test the affect of management type, position and interaction of both, on...
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    Difference between MCMCsamp and sim

    Trying to get confidence intervals on a fixed effect in a mixed model fitted with the lmer function in package lme4 in R. I can get distributions of beta using "mcmcsamp" function and estimate a confidence interval from that, but I can also do it using "sim" in the package arm. While they both...