1. S

    Learning to make programs

    Hey guys. So I'm learning to program ado's and I have a question. Say I want to make a random joke generator in stata from a list of 100 jokes. How do I make the program select a random statement from a list of statements? For example: program define joke version 14.0 dis as text "joke...
  2. H

    Help! What statistical analysis test should I use?

    Hello, I am no good at statistics and need help figuring out which statistical test I should use for a hypothetical research project. This is for a paper- I am not actually doing the research. Therefore, I probably have not defined all of variables necessary...but here goes...your help is...
  3. I

    Help Regarding Splitting Observation with Long String

    Can someone please help me with this: Here is raw data ID Term 1 1. Horse Riding 2. Fishing 3.Climbing 4. Jumping 5. Hiding 2 1) Horse Riding 2) 100m Running 3) Typing 4)Bungey(200m High) 3 Horse Riding, 100m Running, Hunting, Paragliding + Parachute Desired Dataset ID Term 1...
  4. C

    Can I use Excel VBA program for AMOS?

    Hey everyone! Because I need to process data before and after AMOS model running, I wanna know can I just use Excel VBA program for AMOS? If so, how can I do it? My Software Versions: 1、XP Professional SP3; 2、AMOS 22 3、Excel 2010/2007
  5. trinker

    Free (or readily available) easy to use plotting software

    I'm giving an upcoming talk to a mixed group of teachers, school admins, and researchers (mostly qualitative) on data visualization. The topic is the cognitive aspects that make a graphic good. My question: What are some free (or easily accessible) easy to use software for plotting? I have...