propensity score matching

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    PS Matching in SPSS v 27 on Mac 10.14

    Hello I tried to run PS match from Data menu in SPSS (Python Fuzzy) or R (Essentials for R). Both failed. R is installed and directory could not be located despite going to the download folder. Similarly, Fuzzy is not installed but it is installed. I tried to run another extension prior to...
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    Propensity Score Matching and difference-in-difference

    Hello, I am currently writing my thesis and am a little confused about the approach. I am supposed to do a difference in difference estimation combined with propensity score matching. I think I do understand both methods in a medical Kontext with a treatment and control group. However, mine...
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    Propensity Score Matching

    Hi! I'm conducting a retrospective study in which we want to analyze time period of 60 days before occurence of a particular adverse event. To do so, we have 15 patients with AE and we've created a control group of 15 pts without AE using PSM. The question is: can we match the time periods in...
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    propensity matching and ITT for cohort study

    I am reviewing a cohort study that used a retrospective database to determine if treatment with hypothermia post cardiac arrest improves survival to discharge. They used what seems like fairly robust propensity matching analysis. However they then adjusted afterwards again with sensitivity...
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    Propensity score matching - pre-treatment outcome variable

    Hi all, maybe this rather a silly question but I have not found anything helpful. I have two groups of samples which are basically a treatment and control group. My task at hand is to compare a certain variable between those two groups, which however is not appearing after the treatment...
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    Matched Groups Statistics

    Hello all hope this is the right thread for the question and that someone will be able to help me out :confused: I have created a propensity matched control for my case group and am unsure now which test to use for statistical comparision of my outcome variables (most categorical, some...
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    Propensity score matching

    Does anyone of any guidelines for choosing a caliper for propensity score matching? I am doing a graduate course project where we have to use radius matching and I am unsure what to choose as a caliper for the analysis.
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    Propensity Score Matching

    Hello, I have retrospective non-randomised data and wish to investigate the relationship between blood transfusions (2 treatment groups : transfused or not transfused) and infections (binary outcome - true/false) after major heart surgery in children. To do this I want to use a propensity score...