proportion test

  1. P

    Comparison of proportions with several variables

    Hey everyone, I've been a bit stuck lately on which test to choose or to implement for an assignment. Little bit of context : from a dataframe containing answers of a survey from several hundreds of thousand of people, I needed to ask a scientific question then analyse the data and make...
  2. Emma Doherty

    What to do with proportion response variable

    Hey! I am so confused as to what to do with my data. I have 5 types of communication signal A,B,C,D,E recorded. For 26 individuals, I have counted the total number of signals they produced, and converted the number of A,B,C,D,E from the total into mean proportions eg. mean proportion of total...
  3. V

    comparison of proportions in one sample

    Hello, i'm new in the community. I tried to solve my problem checking several websites. However, I have still doubts. In a master project we are collecting indicators to track the progress towards sustainability. We have built 4 categories to which each indicator can be linked (the categories...
  4. R

    AB Test with Proportions

    I'm trying to design an AB test for proportions, and I need to understand the minimum sample size I need to get a statistically significant result within a 5-10% change of a very small proportion. This calculator summarizes the type of test I'm trying to set up:
  5. M

    comparing two proportions - testing problems

    hi guys.. base data: only average proportions and sample sizes, issue: comparing specifical mortality in 8clusters with county chosen test: chi-square of proportions via contingency tables alpha=0,05 problem: cluster1 cluster8 county proportion in %...
  6. D

    Several test groups and one big control group: split the group or not?

    Dear members I'm preparing a test of proportions regarding a campaign redemption of several groups which have all common "demographics" but have been stimulated into different ways. At the same time I have a big group of people with the same demographics but which have not been stimulated...
  7. Z

    Difference between two independent proportions

    Hello, I am not a statistician, however, for my latest small research, I would like to test whether there is a difference between two independent groups of samples in terms of proportions (one with a condition and one without a condition). I have researched this problem and find out that...
  8. B

    Proper analysis for group differences in proportion scores

    Hello all, I am running analyses looking at group differences in the proportion of time kids were distressed in a task. I have a task that has been broken up in to 10s time slices and kids receive a score of 1 in each slice they evince distress. To create my outcome variable, I am dividing...
  9. H

    How to I prove a rate is at least x% higher than the other?

    Suppose I have option 1 and option 2. Option 1 yields a success rate of 80%, option 2 yields a success rate of 70%. The samples are independent. A z test can reject the H0 hypothesis and I can conclude that option 1 has a higher success rate. My question is: if I use a lowered success rate...
  10. H

    t-test help- what is the IV???

    I did an experiment where I got data on children’s playmate choices (like if they chose to play with boys or girls or both or neither). My hypothesis was that they would play with children of the same gender more than the opposite gender. There are 4 options (same-gender, opposite, mixed...
  11. D

    Two-proportion z test: is it best for my problem, and can I pool data?

    I am examining populations (cultures) of yeast cells and scoring them for a particular trait. The data is categorical; within a population, a yeast cell either has the trait or it does not. I wish to compare two populations -- two genetically different strains of yeast -- to see whether there...
  12. A

    Comparing proportions in a subgroup to proportions in the overall population

    I am trying to compare the proportion of patients in my subgroup with the outcome of interest to the proportion of patients in the overall population with that outcome, and test for significant difference in order to assess which subgroup variables I should be including in my regression...