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    t-test or ANOVA? urgent

    Hi, I am looking for advice about which stat test to use in my data analysis for our psychology class. We collected data on reasoning tests scores. I have two groups of participants 1) non-bilingual 2) bilingual and dependent variable in the form of reasoning scores in 1) spatial reasoning...
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    Having trouble trying to decided which statistical analysis to use.

    I'm writing a paper about Birth Order and Big 5 Personality test. I have Birth order in one column separated as 1= first borns and 2= laterborns. Then I have Family size in a column coded as 1= small fam, 2= small fam, 3= small fam, 4=large fam, 5= large fam, 6=large fam, 7= large fam, 8= large...
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    Psychology Stats Report Help Please

    Hi there, I'm currently working on a statistics report for a project in psychology. I've collected two lots of data: test scores on two different units of an A-level course: one group is only taking two other subjects, and a second group is taking three subjects. So essentially: 2...