quadratic effect

  1. kiton

    What can the standard errors tell me?

    Hello dear forum members! I wanted to share with you a couple graphs and seek your wisdom on the insights that I may be omitting. According to theory, there are merits to believe that relationship b/w X and Y is moderated by M. Notably, the relationship between X and M is likely to be...
  2. D

    Logistic regression

    Hello everyone... I'm trying to create a graph similar to the FIG. I did the analysis in proc logistic and I found a quadratic effect and I created the graphic, But I don't know how to calculate the maximum predicted value and the confidence interval. Thanks so much in advance for...
  3. M

    Power calculation in regression for curviliear effect

    Hi! I performed a regresson analysis to test a curvilinear effect. I've followed Aiken & West procedures Center X, Squared centered X Enter X 1st step Enter X2 2nd step However, in the interpretation of the results I would like to test the power of this regression, considering the...