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    Linear modelling

    Hi, I need some help with a modeling query: I have fit 100,000 linear models: M ~ age + age^2, M is the frequency. I found 2,000 models were significant, but would like to narrow it down to find the most ‘extreme’ cases. Is this possible? Does anyone have any suggestions or any references...
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    If you wanted your null hypothesis to be that y and x are linearly related, and your alternative to be that they are quadratic. What could you use as your null and alternative hypothesis, and how would you go about testing it?
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    Hierarchical regression in SPSS (how to enter interactions when you have a quadratic)

    Hello there! I want to confirm if I am entering my variables in the proper way in SPSS for multiple regression. I have four variables: 1) student gender (dummy); 2) student gender proportionality (continuous); 3) faculty gender (dummy); and 4) student gender proportionality SQUARED...
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    Modelling this non-linear relationship- please help

    Hi All, I'm using usual Cox regression where my outcome is time to a binary event. My variable of interest (a biological marker) appears to show a non-linear relationship with the outcome. I categorised it as 10 quantiles with the 6th as the reference category. The HR (with 95% CI) for...
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    Minitab Quadratic Regression Model- Specifying the y-Intercept

    Hello, I am using Minitab v16.1.1 to perform a general regression analysis, and I was wondering, is it possible to customize a quadratic regression model to have a specific non-zero value? I would like to set my model's y-intercept to 1. Originally I was fitting a model to my data in...
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    what test to use tell significant difference of two quadratic regression curves

    Hello I have two curves of quadratic regression models in a x-y plot 1. y=a1x^2+b1x+c1 Y= -0.51X2-0.88X+3.21, R2: 0.12, coefficient of the quadratic term: p-value = 0.001 y=a2x^2+b2x+c2 Y= -0.17X2-0.13X+3.41, R2: 0.99, coefficient of the quadratic term: p-value = 0.001 I want to know if...