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    Inverse of CDF

    I am struggling to understand the second formula. I understand the first formula. I don't understand why F(x) is greater than or equal to y in the second formula. Shouldn't the sign be similar to the first formula?
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    Interpretation of inverse CDF

    For the PDF above what is the inverse CDF of 0 and 0.75, i.e. Q(0) and Q(0.75)?
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    QQ plot for censored data (interval)

    Dear All, I am trying to fit my data to a distribution (say lognormal) in R with plotting QQ, and my data contains both right and left censoring. I highly appreciate that if you could provide me a sample, link, tutorial or anything. I also have access to SAS Educational. Best regards Mohsen
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    Bin data into quantile buckets

    I want to bin my data into quantile buckets. I could do it with *qunatile* function and some ifelse but that's not smart enough for me. I need something similar to this http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7669767/how-to-bin-ordered-data-by-percentile-for-each-id-in-r-dataframe-r But I get...