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    Create a Biplot with the result of FactoMineR

    As I have some NA's in my data, and FactoMineR handles those exeptionally well, and I have arranged myself with FactoMineR quite well which is why I want to use the results of FactoMineR. But it occured to me that there is no "official" way to do a biplot with the results of FactoMineR. I...
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    faraway wbca problem on d and e help needed Breast Cancer

    I have homework problem on page 378 about breast cancer the question asks Suppose the a cancer is classified as benign if p  0.5 and malignant if p < 0.5. Compute the number of errors of both types that will be made if this method is applied to the current data with the reduced model. (e)...
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    Compare if the increase rate over time is same or not

    Binomial how to i set up a binomial thread