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    R square read with or without confounder in the analysis

    Hey, My bachelor thesis is about fatigue, nausea and cognitive decline in patients who have head and neck radiation. For example, the dependent variable is fatigue, looked at the difference score (score of fatigue 6 months after radiation (T1) - the start of radiation (T0) score. The...
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    Overcoming small dataset anomalies in genetic algorithm

    Hello Talk Stats, this is my first post on this forum, interestingly typing in modeling forum in google took me to a series of websites that was not my desired search result. So I am currently making my 6th version of a model designed to predict the likelihood of of a particular medical...
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    SPSS Output: Increasing "R Square Change" Value

    Hello, I have preformed a stepwise regression on my data set using SPSS. In the out put table the "R Square Change" value for the second model is larger than the "R Square Change" value for the first model. I am not sure why that is. I was expecting SPSS to output the model with the...
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    Some questions about one-way ANOVA in JMP 9

    One-way ANOVA can be used to estimate the contribution of a variable (x) to the variation in another one (y). I have some questions about it: 1. How to perform it in JMP 9? I am eager to get the R square. 2. Is this R square identical with the one by multivariate regression? 3. In ANOVA, is...
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    Stepwise Regression

    When a variable is added and then removed in stepwise regression, what happens to the proportion of the variance it explained?