r squared

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    R squared and F change in R squared in an hierarchical regression

    Hey alltogether. my paper says: To test our proposed hypotheses for the second goal of this study, hierarchical regressions were (...)run with (block 1), and (...) (block 2) as independent variables and (...) as dependent variables. Edit: The solution: I have interpreted this in such a way...
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    Data scattered around y=x

    Hello everyone, I am a researcher in engineering. I do have some background on statistics and mathematics in general, but I am not a professional like many of you here. I hope you can give me some insight regarding the problem I am facing. I have a set of data scattered more or less around the...
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    How to compute r squared in linear mixed model

    It's kind of urgent. i need to hand out my thesis in 3 days from now :/ Can someone explain me how to computer r squared in linear mixed model? i included a photo of the model output Thanks [1]: https://i.stack.imgur.com/I9D5k.png
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    R squared in structural equation modeling

    Hello I recently started working with structural equation modeling. I am doing a study for which I tested a model like this: Var1 --> var2--> var3 --> var4. All variables are latent variables and have several indicators. Now, the R² of var3 is +-40% in this case. However, something strange...
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    R squared and Standard Error

    Hi, Can standard error be 94.10 when R squared is 0.67 in a linear model? Thanks.
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    R2 in SEM decreases when adding more variables

    In an SEM analysis using SPSS AMOS with 9 latent constructs, I am trying to establish incremental validity between a basic model of 4 constructs and the fully integrated model with 9 constructs. Without going too much into the details here, I discovered that while most fit indices (e.g. CFI...
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    linear regression Johnson Transformation

    If two predictor variables transformed by the Johnson Transformation (see Minitab or Johnson 1949) are used in separate linear regressions (assuming the same response variable and sample sample size of predictors in each single predictor variable model) can the R-squared output of separate...
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    Multivariate Regression - Percent Contribution to R^2

    I'm running a multivariate regression in Stata 12 SE that regresses six different groups of independent variables onto my dependent. Each group has a few dummy variables within it, ex: Socioeconomic Status includes income, education, occupation, etc. I want to be able to show how much each...
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    Linear R^2 Values as Percent Weights for Multiple Variable Formula?

    Hey guys, Statistics is not my strong suit.. The closest I've been to statistics is a college level Biology II class I took three years ago.. But I'm trying to learn. I have a website and two mobile apps where I've been collecting data from people for the past 5-6 months and would like to...
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    Relationship between correlation matrix and R square

    Hi there! I wonder if R-squared can be deemed a function of the correlation matrix (or the variance-covariance matrix)? The only ways to compute the R-squared I know are 1. the correlation coefficient between the predicted values (y_hat) and the observations (y) 2. 1 - SSE/SST What can...
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    Coefficient of Determination

    Hi there, I'm using non-linear regression (specially I'm using neural networks for time series prediction) and I'm a bit unsure about the calculation and interpretation of R^2. Reading the forum I gather that R^2 has a different interpretation for non-linear regression and reading Wikipedia I...