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  1. L

    Working with zoo closed population - observation study - Which test?

    Our title: Investigating the anticipatory and aggressive behaviour of a captive group of Sulawesi Crested Macaques (Macaca nigra) during different feeding times and enclosure location. Confused as to what stats test to use as > we have 3 independent variables (explanatory as observation) 1)...
  2. H

    What type of analysis? Ordinal Exposure, Dichotomous Outcome

    I have ordered exposure: 4 levels of contamination I have dichotomous outcome: health outcome Yes/No My understanding is that because it is a dichotomous outcome, I should use logistic regression. Should I be using logistic regression like I would if the exposure was continuous? If not, what...
  3. H

    Comparing Medians

    I am comparing water quality levels (continuous variable) in rural areas vs urban areas. The distribution of water quality is not normally distributed. I have 100 samples from the urban areas and 200 samples from the rural areas. From what I have found so far, I can't seem to find a test...
  4. S

    Best statistical test to encompass all my data for my research?

    Hi all, I've been battling for months to work out which statistical test is the best way to make the most out of the data I have. I have been measuring depth related changes in a material. At depths of 2mm (0-2mm, 2mm-4mm etc) for 10 slices I have measured several quantitative parameters. I...
  5. D


    HI I have the attached data and would like to calculate: When the Status is Re-Activation what the probability is of it going past 0 Completion Days by looking at the number of times it got 'REJE'(Rejected) and 'N-CO' (Not Complete) but also the time it took for the 'REJE' and 'N-CO' to...
  6. S

    Simulating a ranking/draft system in R

    Trying to simulate a draft/ranking system based on prior, already existing individual team rankings in R. Here is the full link to the question: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/42093872/player-ranking-draft-system-simulate-a-draft-overall-ranking-system-based-on-pa
  7. D

    I need some help with R. I am a new user and I am struggling to write one script.

    Looking up value from data table to summary table based on criteria in other columns. Hi, I am having difficulty with writing a script in R. What I am trying to get is: - I have a list of Product Codes and Product Descriptions. What I am trying to get is the view in table 2 with...
  8. A

    Simulate Ar(1) process with different y0 values and uniform distribution

    I need to plot an Ar(1) graph for the process yk = 0.75yk-1 + ek. for y0=1 and another graph for y0=10. assume ek is uniformly distributed on interval [-0.5,0.5]. i have the following code but i am not sure how to control y0. #----------#Start#---------# rm(list=ls())...
  9. M

    How to sample permutation in r without repeating permutations in R

    Hi guys. I was wondering is it possible to create a matrix or a vector of permutations without repeating them. E.g. create a matrix of 4! = 24 permutations. The way I started is: k <- 4 n <- factorial(k) x <- matrix(NA,nrow= n, ncol =k) for (i in 1:n){ x[i,] <- sample(k)...
  10. B

    Shiny apps - Facebook data mining using R

    Hello everyone, last time I posted one thread about collecting data from Facebook. You can watch the tutorial here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbfAFSPsh-M <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbfAFSPsh-M" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Now I share...
  11. DATAfiend

    r studio

    Hi all, I'm using R Studio ( I'm still a novice on R). I'm trying to run the basic data sets that come with the package like the mileage one plot(mtcars$disp, mtcars$mpg) I keep getting the error "error in plot.new(), : figure margins too large" I think the window for my plots might...
  12. A

    ChAMP Help!!

    Hi everyone, I was wondering whether you would be able to help me with ChAMP. I'm working on the software through R studio and having difficulty loading my data. A sample dataset came with the software and no matter what I do, the programme insists on referring back to this dataset rather than...
  13. J

    Moving Window Principal Component Analysis

    Hi, I'm finishing my thesis we're I'm forming currency-hedge investment portfolios out of the PCA on the currencies. I need to do a PCA using a "moving-window" of the previous 60 months of data, throughout my entire data-set. If you want the "pseudo-code" is: -Run PCA using previous...