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    Sample Set size requirement - Boosted Decision Trees (gbm package) Models

    Is there any formal literature or generally accepted "Best Practices" for the sample set size needed to build a Boosted regression trees? I have a client with only 188 records and my only way so far to validate the results is to continuously test different subsample amounts of records and...
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    Class Distribution, Boosted Models (gbm) Probability Scores

    All, Problem: I need help to better understand the probability scores that come from the result of a decision tree model. Specifically, I'm using the gbm package from R to create Generalized Boosted Regression Models, but the results I see are common across various ensemble classification...
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    Rexcel error

    I have an issue in RExcel, whenever there is an R code error in my sheet it leads to breakage of my VBA codes in my Rexcel, and my process comes to a standstill. Is there any solution to bypass the R code error and run the VBA codes?
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    R code error for ETS

    Hi I use the following R codes for ETS forecasting in my Rexcel, but whenever the frequency of the data is high there is an error and the code do not run. Given below are my codes: #!rput library(forecast) zz <- ts(zz,freq=365,start=c(2009,1)) etsz <- ets(zz,model="ZZZ") etszP <-...