random forest

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    Variable importance in random forest

    Hi, In order to predict a binary target variable, I trained a random forest with 84 explanatory variables (using 10 variables randomly selected in each split) on a training set composed of 8,500 observations. For practical reasons, I had to test the performance of the algorithm on a test...
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    Caret package SAF/GAF error; "replacement has 1 row, data has 0"

    In R, whenever I try using the safs/gafs interface via. caret I keep running into this specific error: Error in { : task 1 failed - "replacement has 1 row, data has 0" Here is a link to the data I am using, stored as a .csv file. The .csv file given has a column with the row number which I...
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    Splitting obs. based on DV class for separate random forest runs

    I am working with a relatively large (n=162,000) data set on a land use classification problem using random forest. I have four land use classes (young forest, older forest, agriculture, and other) I am trying to predict from land cover and other IVs. While important, the young forest is very...
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    Statistical Significance of a learning Model

    I built a learning model (for classification) based on a Random Forest classifier and i am asked to assess the statistical significance of its performances. Up to now, i trained and tested it on two different datasets A and B, respectively. What kind of test can i use?
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    How to identify (x,y) values from plots

    Hi, I'm new with R and am using it within the program Alteryx. Specifically, I'm running a Forest model and am trying to interpret the "effect" of each important variable against my regressor individually. I see I can plot the points via the partialPlot() function. This is almost what I...
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    How to deal with a categorical response and continuous and categorical predictors?

    Hi all, I have a large dataset of categorical and continuous variables, the observations are animal species. I want to test which variables are more influent in determining a categorical variables with 3 levels. So I have a categorical response variable (3 levels) and many possible predictors...
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    Using taxonomic levels as factors in random forests: does it make sense? Is it needed

    Hi all, I want to test the effect of a set of predictors (ecological and morphological factors) on a categorical response variable (an animal behaviour). As far as I've read, random forests do not make assumptions about data independence. Therefore, can I use species in my analysis...
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    Random Forest Data Requirements

    I have tried looking into various papers but I have not been able to get an authentic information. Does regression using Random forest have any requirements over the data like we hvae homoskedasticity for linear regression, etc. ?