rank regression

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    Delphi assessment..., which tests?!

    Hi all, I've recently undertaking a Delphi workshop in an attempt to establish an expert opinion upon the importance of a series of behaviours to a specific species' welfare. I worked with two panels of experts independently, one 15 in number the other 4 (I know not ideal!)...
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    Outcome is Ranking Variable--What is the best test?

    Hi all, I am working with a dataset in which the outcome is a rank or an ordered variable. Essentially, participants are given some information that they can read, and they choose the order in which they read it. The context is that they are able to view eight different snippets of this...
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    Rank regression --> help!

    I am trying to do a multiple linear regression for a dependent variable Y,with different independent variables X1, X2, X3, etc. I need to use non-parametric multiple regression, as one of my IV, X1, is very skewed and transformation wouldn't help. I was suggested to use Rank regression...