ratio of means

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    How to calculate the confidence interval of the ratio of two means (paired data)

    Hi there, I am writing a systematic review and need to calculate the 95% confidence intervals of the ratio of means from whatever the clinical trials I'm reviewing give me. The problem is: none of the studies actually report this information, and all I am given usually is the mean...
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    Ratio of Means - appropriate test for single or multiple comparisons? Fieller's CI?

    I would really appreciate any suggestions with the following data analysis issue. Please read till the end as the problem at first may appear trivial, but after much researching, I assure you it is not. The situation is a little complicated because I want to compare the ratios of means: For...
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    Required Sample Size Calculation

    First time forum user and STATS novice so I apologize on many fronts. I'm working on a customer survey to help forecast future product sales. We have current customer data for 2009 and 2010. From that we are trying to determine what sample size (number of surveys) we need to be able to...