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    One way ANOVA or Two Way ANOVA?

    Hi all. I was given this assignment and asked to analyse the data (5% level of significance). Should I be using two one-way ANOVAs to compare the effect of preservative and days (independent variables) on the bacterial count (dependent) separately? Or should I be using a two-way ANOVA to...
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    Toss out or Salvage data: a Modified Randomization Dilemna

    We have an agricultural experiment at 24 sites across Europe to test a treatments effect on yield. The protocol and model stipulate a RCBD. One of the sites modified the RCBD and for ease of application created a block design with a pattern inside the blocks instead of completely randomized...
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    Categorical or Continuous ?

    Hello everyone, I have done an experiment in Ergonomics and now I'm dealing with the analysis. It's about a manual lifting task and heart rate recovery time. I have one main response which is heart rate recovery in minutes (obviously continuous), and three Indep variables: weight of the...