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    Book/Website Recommendation

    I have a math background, but know very little statistics. I would love to find a book that shows one how to go from observational data to fitting a distribution to that data. I'm also Keen to learn R. So, if there is something that contains both subjects, all the better. Thanks!
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    Which Recommendation Algorithm for Sending Offers to Clients?

    We are trying to identify which offers to send to our clients through email. Suppose we have offers with the following data: Offers: [ {
 id: 1, countriesVisited: { France: 2 Italy: 34 Germany: 7 }, tourQualities: { First-class: 12, Economy: 31 } }, {
 id: 2, countriesVisited: { Italy: 6...
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    Online Biostatistics Course/Master's Degree

    Hi everyone, I'll be glad if someone could recommend me some online Biostatistics Course or Master's Degree for beginner. Thanks!
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    Book recommendation for Mathematical Stats

    So I've read Tanis and Hogg, and Ross's Mathematical Statistics books and understood them fairly well. Still when I try to read some other Stats books I always encounter something I've never seen before that keeps me from making progress. To give some examples, in Gelman's Bayesian Data...
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    MS Thesis Topic Recommendations from Journals concentrating on Parametric Tests

    I would like to know if you can recommend sites where journals, particularly statistical researches, can be viewed completely. Alternatively, can you suggest recommendations based on your previous studies/research that I can work on and explore for a Masters Thesis. Any parametric method...