regerssion analysis

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    Ols regression predictions

    Hello everyone, Do i have to use the formula 1)y=b+b1x1+b2x2+b3x3 =81+0.48*50+0.46*30+0.06*100 =124.8 b1= age b2=BMI b3=blood glucose b=constant 2) Difference =b1*(difference in x1) =0.48*20 =9.6 Is this correct or am i doing something wrong? Thanks.
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    The same SPSS models give DIFFERENT results

    This absolutely baffles my mind, so I hope you can help me out. I'm doing statistical analyses in SPSS with logistic regression models. I do crude analyses with a single dependent ("A") and a single independent ("B"). Moreover, I do adjusted analyses with a number of additional variables ("X")...
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    Logit Model_Predictive Regression

    I want to know your mind about one point related to logit regression model. I am using logit model for my analyzing. My key independent variable is the lagged; hence, it is predictive regression. So, my dependent variable is 0 and 1. These 0 and 1 is related to the time of the day. To make it...
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    regression analysis for very small sample?

    hello, my study is about "The impact of corporate governance on firm performance". my sample size is 5 compagnies i have 6 IV and 1 DV so my Q is, could i use regerssion analysis with such small sample size? if no, what is the best alternative to choose? thanks in advance