regression analysis

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    Hello there, I have data set of 5846 observations out of which 15 observations are outliers. I need to perform multiple linear regression which as I know is highly sensitive to outliers. Do I have to filter those 15 outliers out or they will not mess up my analysis, since the number of...
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    Regression analyses and mediation with not normally distributed control variable HELP

    I am measuring the relationship between an IV and DV and whether two other variables mediated/predicted this relationship. All are normally distributed. I also collected the 'age' of the participants as a control variable, which turned out to show two distinct sample populations (18-25, and 26+)...
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    Regression analysis or ANOVA for unequal sample sizes

    Hello everyone :) First I want to apologize for my Eniglish, I´m not a native speaker. I am currently working on a research for school purposes, as I can´t write what my research is about I describe example equal to my research: I study relationship between eating bananas and extraversion...
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    Boosted regression versus OLS regression

    Dear all I am working on estimating a linear model using boosting regression technique to estimate the parameters. This is a slightly different method than the OLS estimator. the boosting technique is useful when i have a model to estimate and a pool of explanatory variables of which i want...
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    Need method for analysing two sets of time course data

    Hello, I have two sets of time course data, they are for an eye-tracking study. The data is 20 100ms chunks, one category being percent fixations for canonical sentences, and the other being percent looks for non-canonical sentences. I would like to curve fit this (I believe the logistic curve...
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    Using Regression Analysis to Map requirement Request to developers

    Pls i need help on how to use regression analysis to map requirement request to the software developers....Pls its urgent! anybody got an idea on how suitable this is should pls reply. Thanks much!
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    Fixing multicollinearity in panel data regression

    Hey guys. It's a big question in short format; I have data from 42 countries over 12 years and one of my independent variables is GDP (transformed by ln). I have a few other macro level variables and I would like to run some pooled models but I run into trouble - I have a lot of...
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    URGENT** ANOVA or Regression - Please help

    Hi, I would really appreciate some help with this. I am looking to see if employees' organisational history (such as voluntary/involuntary turnover) and their contract type (part or full-time) impacts on their organisational commitment and empowerment. So I have 2 Dependent Variables...
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    What Regression Analysis Should I Employ

    Hi, I would really appreciate some help with this. I am looking to see if employees' organisational history (such as voluntary/involuntary turnover) and their contract type (part or full-time) impacts on their organisational commitment and empowerment. So I have 2 Dependent Variables...
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    Regression when response variable has a upper maximum value

    I am working on an animal behavior project where I am investigating how a male frog's physical condition influences the time it takes him to resume singing after exposure to a simulated predator cue. Latency to resume calling is the response variable, and condition is my predictor variable...
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    Survival analysis advice

    Hi, I'm having trouble wrapping my head around whether my data is censored or not, and interpreting the results of the (possibly inappropriate) model which I have selected to perform a regression. I have data recording incubation survival rates for 4 different penguin colonies, in two...
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    Importance of Normality Assumption for Hypothesis testing methods

    Hello everyone! Can someone please share their thoughts on the following question with me. Methods of hypothesis testing usually has a normality assumption for underlying data or for residuals in the case of regression. Why is this assumption important for either case; i.e. for...
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    How can I find out how shifts in a country's fiscal policies affect economic health.

    I have the values of below variables for 20 years for different countries. Could anyone suggest how I should go about this?How can I use regression analysis in it ? Predictor variables: Imports of Goods and Services Industry value added Trade in services Revenue excluding grants GNI...
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    Some help for moderation analysis in SPSS?

    Hey everybody! Im stuck with my psychology masters thesis. Im studying if narcissism and a level of education moderate peoples ability to evaluate their own logical reasoning skills. I assume that narcissism effects the congruence of evaluation and probably makes people to overestimate their...
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    Regression diagnostics on panel data regression

    Hey guys. I've not worked much in panel data regression but what I've been thinking about (and not been able to find much information about) is post diagnostics for fixed effects panel data regression (yit = alpha + XB + ui + eit). Is it possible to be able to do residual analysis...
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    Does anybody know if the Oaxaca Blinder decomposition command is now available SPSS?

    Hi, I was wondering if it was now possible to run the Oaxaca Blinder decomposition on SPSS? I know it is possible on Stata but I do not wish to use two softwares for my regression. Thank you so much! Laurence
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    Running time-series regressions on discontinuous datasets: is it legitimate?

    I would like to run a simple time-series regression, to estimate the sensitivity of my dependent variable to a set of explanatory variables. However, the dataset could be subdivided into subsets that fall under specific categories. For example, a time-series of stock returns could be subdivided...
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    How to account for short-term trends in time-series data?

    Hi guys, I would like to find out which of my 10 independent variables (IVs) best accounts for the changes of my dependent variable (DV) at different points of time within the last 50 years. My problem: In order to explain the long-term trend of my DV over the last 50 years, I used multiple...
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    Regression Equation : Looking for some help

    Hi buddies, I'm new here and trying to learn SPSS. To be honest, do not have good knowledge on it. looking for some help. Would really be thankful to you for your valuable comments on my works which might help me to understand SPSS properly. Recently, I have done this regression equation...
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    Interpreting interaction between dummy IV and continuous moderator with log DV

    Interaction between dummy IV and continuous moderator with log DV Hello Community, I urgently need your help to read the results of my regression analysis for my master thesis, which I need to hand in next week. My DV is the natural logarithm of R&D expenditures, IV is a dummy variable...