1. L

    How to study the effects of alcohol consumption on happiness & cognitive function?

    Hello, I want to study if there's a relationship between alcohol consumption and happiness + cognitive function. Most of my data is nominal or ordinal. To measure alcohol consumption: How often respondent has had an alcoholic drink during the last 12 months To measure happiness: Overall...
  2. M

    Logistic regression model - numeric predictors modification

    I am running a regression using multiple variables in order to predict a binomial outcome. Two of my variables are numeric, most are categoric. My two numeric variables are age and bmi. I have calculated an odds ratio for each of those variables (e.g. if the bmi increases with 1 point...
  3. T

    Regression to find out the impact of the Brexit vote on migration (pre-Brexit)

    Hello and happy new year, I have a minor in statistics and am having some trouble finding the right variables for my regression. I know that you need 1 independent variable and 1 or more dependent variables. For example, you could calculate what effect the independent variable "income" has on...
  4. N

    What Model or Calculator should I use to set the right target?

    I have a production target in which 90% of widgets must be completed within 2 hours. The production process has two main components. Process A + Process B (together these have to be completed within 2 hours, 90% of the time). (quick note: Process A is the simpler process) I want to establish...
  5. J

    How to Analyze Continuous IV and DV?

    I'm a relative novice at statistics and would appreciate some help with a dataset I'm trying to crunch. I'm currently looking at factors that predict increasing utilization of healthcare resources following surgery in a set of 130+ patients. Some of the independent variables I'm looking at...
  6. P

    Understanding prediction output of zero-adjusted gamma model

    I am currently trying to implement a mixture model using the gamlss package in R. What I am trying to achieve is train a zero-adjusted gamma model on a training data set and then predicting values out of a test data set. Setting up the model is no real problem, I do this by ZAGA_Model =...
  7. hlsmith

    ROPE value in Bayesian Regression

    I am fitting a Bayesian regression model. The outcome is continuous (patient length of stay; a little skewed) and the independent variable is binary (treatment; y/n). There are a couple of covariates (continuous) in the model as well. I wanted to test that patients in the treatment group do not...
  8. O

    Advice on repeated measures ANOVA vs multi-level model

    Hello! I have a situation that I have never encountered before, but I think I know what the issue is. Nevertheless, I could use some assistance. I ran an experimental study with a within-subjects design. Subjects learned words under 4 different conditions (A,B,C,D), 30 words in each condition...
  9. S

    Entropy Balancing in Panel Data Setting

    Hi everyone, I want to examine the effect of a treatment on an observation group with a Diff-in-Diff approach in a panel data setting in Stata. To avoid differences across subsamples I additionally using entropy balancing. Now, I have a methodical question. I have already read some papers on...
  10. M

    Multiple Linear Regression

    Hello, I am an MBA student and require help doing a multiple linear regression analysis using spss, check if I uploaded the data with the correct options and how to interpret the data and results. I have 2 independent variables and 1 dependent variable. Thanks!
  11. R

    Omitted group in regression

    Hello all, I understand that if you have individual level data and you are trying to calculate something like income you might run a regression like probability of incarceration = intercept + education_level +other_controls . . . + error where education_level is a categorical...
  12. J

    multivariable regression equation with interaction terms for difference-in-difference method

    I am doing a difference-in-difference analysis on a set of survey data for a health education program and I need to find statistical significance for the difference-in-difference estimate. I know that I find this using a regression. I need to use a regression in a mixed logistic model including...
  13. james.wilson

    I need guidance on figuring out a linear regression model from a dataset

    Hello, I'm completely stuck on this. If anyone could guide me in the right direction for this linear regression model it would be very appreciated! Dataset:
  14. C

    Interpreting mulitiple regression coefficients

    I am quite new to statistics and trying to get a grasp of it with some coronavirus data. So, I have 16 countries and I want to find regression of coronavirus cases by population pyramid. I am using this equation. In my case it looks like this: (Obviously in calculations the first column is...
  15. S

    standardized and not standardized independent variables

    May I include a standardized independent variable in a multiple regression model, where other independtent variables and the dependent variable are not standardized?
  16. T

    How to run a censored regression if the dependent variable is calculated based on censored data?

    Hello everyone, The situation is the following: I have a dataset with 200 assets. For each one, I have a unique price range that the asset can be priced in. The price range specifies an upper and a lower limit. The expected price (Pexpected) of the asset is the average of the upper and the...
  17. C

    Help with Regression and Graphing in SPSS. Cubic splines?

    Hi Guys, I am looking at time to surgery and infection. Infection is dichotomous. I ran a graph looking at cumulative sum of infection and time to surgery and it looked somewhat like a logistic curve. Linear at about 4x in the first 6 hours to surgery and then tapers off to about y=x roughly...
  18. U

    Linear vs nonlinear regression doubt

    Hello, I am currently working on a study about how much time a chess engine should think per move in a chess game. The inputs (known data) would be how much time is left (in seconds), the evaluation of the engine (centipawns) and the move that is being made. My question is: is it a multiple...
  19. M

    Linear regression analysis assumptions not met

    I want to demonstrate a possible association between a dichotomous independent variable and a continuous dependent variable. Therefore, I wanted to use a linear regression analysis. However, the dependent variable is not normally distributed, while normality is an assumption of linear regression...
  20. M

    Which test of association can I use?

    Which test of association can I use if I want to know if there is a significant association between a continuous independent variable (age or BMI) and a dichotomous dependent variable (bleeding after surgery: yes/no)? Also, which test of association can I use if I want to know if there is a...