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    Smallest µ such that H0 is rejected (hypothesis test, unknown mean)

    Let X1, X2, . . . , Xn be normal-distributed random variables with unknown mean µ and variance 1 and let X^- =1/n sum_{n=i}^n be their sample mean. Consider the one-sided hypothesis test with hypotheses H0 : µ0 < 0 and H1 : µ0 > 0 with parameters δ = 0.01 and n = 100. What is the smallest µ...
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    Null Hypothesis Rules: Can no difference be the alternative hypothesis?

    For his dissertation a colleague has developed a software tool and has the expectation (hypothesis) that people can complete the task with the software tool without taking longer than the older, manual method. He has to write up his hypotheses with null and alternative hypotheses. He asked me if...
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    Correctly rejecting a null hypothesis

    Hi all, came here for a bit of advice. Got a bit confused - I think its a fairly simple question. Goal I want to determine whether Sb (Antimony) accumulation is greater in one central area relative to two nearby suburban areas (pre-existing policy implies that is the case). H0: Sb...