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    Relationship between a variable with categories and a variable with numbers?

    In SPSS, is there a way to find out if there is a siginificant relationship between symptoms (on a scale from 0-3, with 3 = the worst) and hospital stay ("yes" or "no") are related?
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    Correlation between nominal variables

    Hi all, I'm currently working on a dataset extracted from a questionnaire and entered and coded in SPSS. Im trying to show correlation/relationships between a range of demographic dependant variables and one outcome variable. The data is nominal and often on a scale ( important would...
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    Time series analysis of causes of congestion

    Hello, I have tried to find a post on the forum which covers this topic so apologies if this question has already been answered. I am wanting to do a time series analysis on the relationship of 2 sets of data. The first set of data consists of 10 different road performance variables...
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    How to test relation of two variables

    I want to test relation of "multimodal transportation features" and "environmental performance". I am wondering which of this following series of questions can be asked and what test should be done in each case: (i) I can ask two series of questions on "multimodal transportation features" and...
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    Urgent Help Please For Creating Relationship

    Hi Buddies :wave: Thanks for your upcoming help :) I have been trying to create relationship dependent scale which are (Positive, Neutral, Negative) = ( 1/ 0 / -1) and independent variable of 1 - 5. I would like to know how to evaluate impact of Independent variable on dependent variable...
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    Pearson r and Data

    I am trying to determine the relationship of scores on a test between teachers and their students. I have 40 classes for a total of 40 teachers and 335 students. For example, Teacher (Bob) scored a 70 out of 100 and his 24 students scored an average of 60; Teacher (Susie) scored an 83 and her 27...
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    Regression Analysis w/Dummy Variable

    I am trying to run a regression on a dataset. The dataset has the regions listed as 1, 2, 3, and 4. To run a regression, do i need to recode these regions to 0,1,2 and then run a regression? If so, where in the regression analysis output will it tell me the difference between the regions? Should...