repeat measures

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    Using Binomial Cumulative Distribution Function to Analyse Repeated Measures Data

    Hi everyone! I performed an experiment in which a group of N=42 participants performed a task under three different sound conditions. My data meets all the requirements for a RANOVA which confirmed that the performance, i.e. the number of errors in the task, significantly differs between the...
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    Protocol comparison: repeated measures ANOVA and mixed linear models

    Hello! This is my first experience with repeated measures ANOVA and mixed linear models. Since I did not found an example that uses a design similar to my experiment, I hope I can get some help. I collected 3 soil samples (SAMPLE_ID) in 4 areas (SITE), totaling 12 samples. My objective is to...
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    Repeated measures 2x3 design on SPSS

    My data has two factors. Factor 1 has 2 levels and Factor 2 has 3 levels. ie a 2x3 design. Right? The study is within-subjects. So on SPSS, I went to General Linear Model -> Repeated Measures and entered factor 1 (2) and factor 2 (3). But then when I go to define it, SPSS gives me: 1,1...
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    Comparing several means pre and post intervention - MANOVA?

    Hi, I am looking to analyse some data I have collected for a piece of research. I wanted to evaluate the impact of a Mindfulness intervention upon the participants ability to be Mindful, as well as their levels of depression, anxiety and stress. My directional hypotheses were that the...
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    Regression for multiple scores obtained from multiple subjects

    Hello, I have preference ratings (1-to-7 scale) for k=80 stimuli, obtained from N=30 subjects. I would like to do a multiple regression for these scores, against a small number of weakly-correlated predictors. Some of the predictors are continuous, others are categorical. Also, some of the...
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    Which Test To Use?

    Short version: 2-3 IVs (date, individual, compartment), repeated-measures(compartment), 20 DVs, non-parametric. Hello, I have 4 subjects that were tested 16 times. However, possible changes across time or individuals are not the subjects of the experiment, so would it be appropriate to...
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    Kaplan Meier Curves With Repeat Events? Is it Possible?

    This may be a stupid question, but: can you construct Kaplan-Meier curves for repeat event data? Or should I limit each individual to occurrence of the first event? Thanks so much everyone! -Laura
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    Repeated Measure ANOVA with muliple samples per participant

    I am currently doing an experiment where I measure the time it takes for a participant to complete a task. There are 7 different modes for the task and I test each participant in every mode. I randomize the order that each participant does the modes. This is the format of the data I'm...
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    One Factor Repeated Measures ANOVA questions

    Hi all, I have conducted a repeated measures ANOVA that has one factor with two levels. I also have a one between-subjects factor that has been taken into account. The results have come back to say that there is a significant difference between the within-subjects factor. My question...
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    Im terrible at this. Help Please!

    Ok so I'm pretty sure this should be simple enough but Im not good at this at all. Basically; 32 participants tested (within design). They all completed 3 tests (subject test, URL test, email test) before training. Then they all completed 3 tests (subject test, URL test, email test) after...
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    Power analysis in a repeated measures desgin

    Hi We are planning a randomised clinical trial treating patients with either an active drug or placebo in 20 weeks. We measure the dependent variable several times during the study and want to evaluate the efficacy of the drug at week 20 in respect to placebo. The analysis will be within a...
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    Advice on linear mixed model on longitudinal data

    Hello, I have a longitudinal dataset of cumulative biomass from an experiment. The subjects have been exposed of 3 different treatments (LOW, MED, HI) during 194 days, and measured repeatedly at 40 occasions. According to my plot, it looks like one of the HI treatment is starting to differ...
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    [R] permanova for multivariate repeat measures toxicology data set

    Hello, I would like to use a permanova to analyze my repeated measures, multivariate data set using the package vegan (adonis function) in R. I have several explanatory variables and many clinical biochemistry/hematological response variables (all continuous, non-normally distributed). I...