repeat observation

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    What type of ANOVA/model to use for hypothesis test?

    I am trying to work out the most appropriate way to analyse some data from an experiment and would be really grateful for any ideas. The experiment involved getting people to perform an action using four different types of object, each obstacle type at two different sizes (same two sizes for...
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    Data manipulation - conditional loop

    Hi all, I am new in Stata and couldn't find help about this transformation in the archives. Please help. I use Stata 12. Thanks, StdDev * Original data ID Len A1 3 C3 4 B1 2 * Transformed data ID Len Rank A1 3 1 A1 3 2 A1 3 3 C3 4 1 C3 4 2 C3 4 3 C3 4 4 B1 2 1 B1...