repeated measures design

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    How to analyze repeated measures game data with changing difficulty levels?

    Participants: 19 children participated in the study. Children were grouped in groups G1 (N=8) and group G2 (N=11) based on their behaviors. A pre-assessment of children behavior in the classroom is done for both the groups G1 and G2 by their teacher in a form of questionnaire. Task: The...
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    How to compare 2 groups where 1 has repeated measures

    Hello, I have three groups: healthy controls, pre-surgery, and post-surgery. The pre and post-surgery are the same patients who participated in the study before and 10 months after their operations. The healthy controls were matched to the patient group based on anthropometrics. My issue is...
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    Which analysis for incomplete block design with repeated measure?

    I have a question on analyzing data from an incomplete block design. Participants have been randomly assigned to 1 out of 8 procedures each consisting of two cases. The cases differed on three variables (all nominal). Cases were counterbalanced in such a way that if a participant was assigned to...
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    A non-parametric test for nomimal data made up from two independent variables

    I have been looking for a statistical test to run for some experimental data I have acquired. I have two groups (IV); Stress and Control mice. I have been looking at cell morphology. I performed a sholl analysis (which places concentric circles from the soma of the cell every 5 microns...
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    which test for a 2-way repeated measures design with multivariate data in Matlab or R

    Hello, I have one of the annoying 'which test'? questions. I have trivariate metric data (x1,x2,x3) from a repeated measures design with 2 factors (one with 2 levels, one with 8; both IVs are within participant). 16 participants were tested. I would like to know whether either of the two...
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    Power analysis for GEE

    I am designing a study that would require using GEE (generalized estimating equations) to analyze repeated measures of a dichotomous variable. Is there a way to estimate the sample size required for this analysis? Thank you!
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    Repeated measures design - correct analyses and GLM assumptions

    Hi all, I have collected data for a study but I am not sure now if I am carrying out the correct analyses. I have tried for the last few days to figure out whether my analyses are correct, but I keep getting a lingering doubt that they are not and so I thought I will ask this question because...