repeated tests

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    measuring correlation over time between two variables

    Hi, For my study, I will administer the same questionnaire 3 different times: the beginning, middle, and the end of the semester. I am interested in examining the correlation among several variables, let's say student engagement and teacher support. For each questionnaire, I can do...
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    Joint distribution from multiple marginals

    Consider an experiment consisting of a repeated trial with two random Bernoulli (=binary) variables, A and B. Each trial consists of multiple outcomes for both A and B. Each trial has the same number of samples and the underlying joint distribution of A and B is the same everywhere. Of course...
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    Daily samples of a measure- how much variance is there for each participant?

    Hi guys, I have a set of data where someone has collected a measure of performance on a motor task every day from the same participants (N=9) for 28 days. What I would like to see is how much variance there is on a daily basis for each participant. I am a bit confused as to what sort of...