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    Pairwise Comparison Study Stats

    Hi, I'm looking to carry out a study which will involve a pairwise choice comparison. I am aiming to identify any patterns of preference by wild individuals (measured by abundance) when presented with four different types of refuge. I will be conducting it in the form of pairwise choice...
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    ANOVA help - comparing growth rates between groups with 3 replicates in each group

    Hi I'm really pretty lost, statistics have never been my strong point. I need to test whether my growth rate differences between trees are significant or not. I tried the ANOVA: 2 factor with replication on excel, but keep getting an error so I'm not sure if my data is suitable. SO first off...
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    Regression analyses and replicates

    Hi, Thanks in advance for any insight!
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    Two way Anova with replicates

    Hi, In the following expt I am pretty sure that I have to use a 2 way ANOVA but nevertheless any advice is welcome. I have exposed phytoplankton to three concentrations of carbon dioxide, conc 1, conc 2, conc 3 and measured their growth as Fluorescence for a time period of 2 to 16 hours every...
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    (SPSS repeated measures set-up) Multiple observations for each replicate possible?

    Hello - I conducted an animal survey along 4 transects (1000 m each) where I also measured and identified all of the trees. I then repeatedly sampled these 4 transects daily, counting the animals when they were encountered. What I want to do: Run a generalized linear mixed model where...
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    anova 3 way sum of square type - mtalb

    Hi, I have written 3way-anova in c++. I have 3 factors, lets say a,b and c. The result of my code is the same as MATLAB when I use type I sum of squares. But when I change the data so that the number of replicates is so high for a number of cells and too low for other cells: I don't get the...
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    General Applications of Various Statistical Techniques for Continuous Processes

    My hope is that people can chip away at the questions raised in the article. All responses are welcome! I have been spending a bit of time trying to teach myself various univariate and multivariate statistical techniques. I would really appreciate a "one stop shop" with a general overview of...