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  2. C

    How to report t-test, CIs, cohen's d etc of log-transformed data

    I am wondering what is best/normal practice for reporting the results of an independent t-test of log-transformed data? For context, I am comparing the value of household assets for children who are attending pre-primary school with children who are NOT attending pre-primary school in Uganda...
  3. M

    Business Intelligence / Reporting for website - Percentiles and comparability

    Hey guys, I am currently facing some difficulty with my Bachelor's thesis, as I lack the proper quantitative skills to solve a problem on my own: We are running an online marketplace for services and it is my task to come up with a way to provide insight to the service providers on how to...
  4. L

    Need help interpreting regression analysis comparison results

    Hi, I am using simple linear regression analysis to compare two different population groups' development over time (one dependent variable). I am insecure about how to best interpret and report the results and hope someone could help me here. Here are the results I've got...
  5. LycianSage

    Effect Size measure for Ordinal Logistic Regression

    Hello friends, I am using "Ordinal Logistic Regression" for my dissertation research. I wanted to report the effect size but couldn't find definitive reference for reporting an effect size. I have found some papers stating that "Nagelkere's R square" is the effect size measure. Another states...