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    Selecting representative predefined clusters in a population

    Hi Newbie here so bare with me... I am looking at a problem that can translate as follows: I need to select a small list of cities (10s) that are 'representative' of the full population: a much larger list of cities (10000+). The cities have individuals (people) for which we have the following...
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    Weighing male/female responses (30/70 distribution)

    Hi all! I've got a question. I received 617 responses to a questionnaire however, 445 of them are female (72%). There are two ways to fix this: 1. I could remove 230 female respondents from my data set, bringing my sample back to 385 people. This would leave me with 44% male and 56%...
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    How to extract representative random subsample from large sample?

    Hi! I am new to SPSS and currently looking at data on family firms and non-family firms and their performance - I want to compare the group of family firms (70 firms) with non-family firms (25 000 firms). As you can see, the sample sizes are very different and I want to make them more similar...
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    ECG Database Analysis

    Hello, I'm analysing a set of 400 ECG signals (each one of a duration of 30 sec). I want to get the mean signal of all my signals but I don't know how to prove if my mean signal is representative of all the signals that I averaged. I know that I can use the standard deviation but I don't...
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    dealing with unequal sample sizes... can anyone help please?

    Hello, I am comparing men and women on outcomes of their diagnostic assessment (autism). there are approx 600 men and 200 women. I have used t-tests adn chi-squared analyses to compare outcomes, and then a multivariate ANOVA with sex and diagnostic outcome (also unequal sample sizes) as fixed...
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    Sample Representativeness

    Hi guys, I am doing analysis on a sample to figure out the sentiment of a population. In my data I have various demographics of the respondents and their rating indicating their satisfaction with a company. I want to make sure the sample is representative of my population. For this I plan to...
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    How to create a representative sample?

    Hello to all! :) I have recently launched a survey to students of specific universities among European countries and got nearly 3000 replies. However my sample is not balanced, meaning that some countries provided many replies, while some others just few. I want to analyse my results at...