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    How to use chi-square test correspondence between features and response in R?

    There is a set of tumors,each one includes five features, which relate to one gene type result. Tumor Feature 1 ... Feature 5 Gene type 1 Type 1 2 Type n ... ... Now I need to...
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    Mediation with Regression Analysis Need Help some basic Question (Using SPSS)

    I have 3 variables (2 are independent and 1 is dependent). All three variables are measured with questionnaires consisting of multiple questions recorded on 5 point scale. I want to perform regression analysis to check for mediation. How do I go about doing that? Do I have to transform or recode...
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    [ self-selection - nonresponse bias] 65% of population answered survey

    Dear TalkStatstters, I want to investigate possible wage gaps between different groups of people with doctorate degree, in my region. So, I have in mind a regression where the dependent variable is the log of the ratio between two average wages. I have administrative data from the whole...
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    Variables that are Both Predictors and Response Variables

    I have been reading about variable/feature selection algorithms. All of the algorithms that I have seen presume that there is a clear distinction between predictive and response variables. However, I have some variables that could be either. I would like to analyze a large set of variables...
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    Transformation of Response in Regression Trees

    Hi, After I calculated some multiple regressions I'd like to perform some simple regression trees to capture also some possible nonlinear trends and discontinuities in my data. My multiple regression model is something like: log(Y) ~ X1 + log(X2) + log(X3) The response and some of...
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    Test selection help for multivariate response and predictors

    I need help determining what method would be applicable to the following situation. There are 2 chemicals, A and B. Also, there are two organisms, say Jim and Kelly. It is impossible to separate Jim and Kelly. Although, sometimes, levels of Jims or Kellys might be slightly more than the...
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    How to use a Distance Matrix as an Independent Variable?

    Hello, Let's say I have 100 locations. I know the distance between each location (i.e. distance matrix). How can I use the distance matrix (or some derivative) as an independent variable to access significance (if any) with the dependent/response variable(s)? Any ideas? Thanks,