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    Structural Equiation Modeling - Likert variable and fit indices

    Hello everybody! Thank you in advance for reading, and for trying to help! To put it briefly.. I am working with Structural Equiation Modeling (for the first time :S). In this study, we have 1000+ participants and we are studying the relationship between alcohol use and a personality...
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    Need help: reg EQS and Goodness of Fit tests

    Hi! Hope you guys could help me out here... I'm doing a path analysis on EQS, and the goodness of fit test results i got are the ff - i'm not sure if these are valid: Chi-square = .001, p.97 (df = 1) CFI = 1.00 RMSEA = 0.00 I'm not sure if this could be called a good fit, a perfect fit, or...
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    RMSEA impacted by high reliability scores..

    Hello again Sorry - In relation to running Confirmatory Factor Analysis - I'm wondering whether someone is aware of RMSEA being impacted by high reliability scores ? As background, I understand that RMSEA can be affected by high factor loadings. Currently, I have a construct with 6...