roc curves

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    ROC Curves

    Good Morning, I have a problem that may perhaps be very simple, but I keep getting very stuck and very frustrated. I'm trying to produce ROC curves for my data. My data set is for each year: Outbreak Data - date and location of disease occurrence Warning Data - date and location...
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    2 roc curves (from a study with 2 biomarkers) in one curve

    Hy, I have a problem about solving something in R. It's about 2 roc curves of a 2 biomarkers... and I have to plot it in one curve and calculate the AUC under the roc curve without using logistic regression. Exist a package in R to do that? How cand I solve it? This is what i done, plotting...
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    Compare 2 tests - Bland Altman vs. area under curve

    Hello, I want to compare the performance of 2 binary classification tests (positive vs. negative diagnosis) from the same sample (n=430). I have read about the Bland-Altman method and also about comparing the area under the ROC curves. Although the two methods of comparison are completely...