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    How to determine if two R2 values (rsquared) are significantly different

    Hi TalkStats :):):) I have fit two different functions (f1,f2) to some data. These functions have different forms (see below), in that they have different numbers of parameters. But the data is the same - the number of predictor/dependent variables is the same. f1 = \frac{1}{1 +...
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    Hi Everyone, Is a sample of 20 companies too small for a dividend payout study? in SPSS I get a negative Adjusted R sq you will find attached the excel file with the dividend payout as my dependent variable .
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    Using ttest instead of R-Squared for acceptance

    I have independent variable X and dependent variable Y. I am trying to compare the predictive power of a number of regression based models. For each model I obtain a R-Squared value. Also for each model I can obtain predicted Y (call it Y_new). What if I perform ttest on (Y_give - Y_new) to test...
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    Variable selection in multiple regression based on regression itself results

    Hi everybody, I have a question relative to the multiple linear regression. Here is the case: Y=dip var x1, x2, x3= indip var suppose that I have no collinearity between x1, x2 and x3 If I find x1 not statistically significant (p-value>alfa), can I remove x1 from my analysis and run the...