1. N

    Appropriate Sample Size

    Hi all - I'm very new to stats so looking for help with a problem I'm having. Any resources or tips would be greatly appreciated! I have a huge population dataset under different categories. This dataset contains one record per person, and has the following qualities: MEMBER_ID (one record...
  2. R

    ANOVA for Sampling bias detection

    I hope that this is the right place for such a question. What test to use to detect if the selected sample has a bias or not? We have a protein that naturally binds with certain short known DNA sequences (let's say 5 nucleotides each). what I want to show, is that from all possible...
  3. D

    Determining sample type

    Hello everyone I'm currently trying to determine my sampling type and I'm still unsure about it. For context my research supervisor emailed 3 schools to participate in the research study. Of which the participant inclusion requirements was for them to be post 16 years old, undertaking science...
  4. G

    geirha from Norway

    Dear Members, My name is Geir and I work as driver in Norway. My experience with statistics is basic from secondary school, and basic courses from University. Sincerely Geir
  5. G

    Sampling size driving assignments

    I work at a taxi company. Recently I have discovered errors in the assignments. Errors in assignments seem to show up randomly. There are more than 800k driving assignments yearly. There is no way I could sample all of them. Since the assignments can be considered random I was thinking of...
  6. P

    Sampling with replacement- or slightly different?

    Hi, I'm looking for a probability distribution that describes a problem I have. If I have a bag of blank paper slips of number N. I choose one at random If it is blank I colour it red and replace. If it is already coloured I just replace it. How form does the number of red slips (n) as a...
  7. H

    How to estimate population statistics for each category ?

    I have data from a simple random sample having n elements which I’m using to estimate my overall population statistics (mean). My population can be divided into k categories, and I know the composition of my overall population in terms of these categories. As part of my study, I want to estimate...
  8. S


    If bias (B) in terms of σ is 1.5 (i.e B/σ=1.5) find the total error. How to solve this??
  9. D

    Need help finding sampling error

    Greetings! I have this sampling problem where i am given the population of 1545 vehicles and their age. Without any further info apart from 95% CI I am being asked to find the sampling error and sample size. How is this possible? Thank you!
  10. D


    Hello everyone, I am a stats-beginner and I need help to understand if it is possible to compare two datasets. I am currently looking at the Residential Energy Consumption Surveys (RECS) databases, specifically to the 2015 and 2009 surveys. There have been some major changes in the 2015 survey...
  11. E

    Questions on the Fundamentals for Various Sampling Methods

    Hello, I've recently been studying various sampling methods, specifically SRS (Simple Random Sampling), Stratified Sampling, Ratio/Regression Estimation, and Cluster Sampling. I wanted to ask a few questions regarding these methods to better understand the pros and cons for each of them and when...
  12. J

    Sampling to find uniques in population

    The problem I am facing is: Imagine I have a bag of N marbles, where the value of N is known. In the bag there are k different color marbles. Our goal is to estimate the value of k. I take a sample of size n. The question is, how can I use this sample data to estimate the value of k?
  13. D

    Political Polling: Sample Size and Margin of Error

    Hello, My country have a proportional/majority system. I wonder how can a poll have a margin of error of 2.0%, if all the regional samples used in the poll have a bigger margin of error? - Southwest Region: N~64MM, n=880 and E~3.5%; - Northwest Region: N~39MM, n=553 and E~4.5%; - Central...
  14. A

    How to account for the subjects who are no more available for recording observations over time?

    Hello, I have taken a simple random sample in January, which is 10% of the population. Every month there is 10% people leaving the population, which will make my sample size also shrink. Over the time, there will a time where I will not have any subject left in my sample to record the...
  15. U

    What is the reason behind getting unbiased and efficient estimator by ranked set samp

    In ranked set sampling (RSS), we select n random sets, each of size n. Then we choose the largest unit from the 1st set, 2nd largest from the 2nd set, and thus n th largest from the n th set for the actual measurement. What is the intuition that a sample thus obtained will give an unbiased...
  16. G

    interesting sampling question

    I have two samples of the same population and wish to reduce the sample sizes, but maintain the same ratio of precision produced in the original samples. I suspect I can take the square root of the original sample size, but this produces very small samples. How, in short, can I scale down the...
  17. A

    Comparing an ecological subsample to population

    I have 2 batches of tree species and abundance data collected for a city. The difference between them is the sampling strategy - one was random unstratified, and the other was stratified and clustered. At a glance the species mixes and relative abundances are fairly similar but i want to test...
  18. L


    I have in my course this problem do you have any idea from people who work daily with stats ? the question is like that: the following data are available concerning the products of a firm taken at random from four factories, and classified according to level of quality: Factory A : from low to...
  19. rogojel

    testing the bootstrap

    hi, below is an experiment I just did testing whether using a bootstrap I could get better results as with simple repetead sampling. Is there any error in the logic/code? It seems that bootstrapping would just amplify the sampling error without adding any value - what do I miss? This is...
  20. A

    [Sampling] Which type of sampling to use in this case

    I would appreciate any help in this case took from a book (without answers and tips): Consider that a court wishes to evaluate the proportion of inhabitants in some municipality who were victims of some type of violence and there is no database with the identification of the inhabitants of...