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    Base SAS Programing: Calculating KPIs Over Different Time Ranges

    Hi all. I am trying to calculate values for KPIs over certain time ranges – Response Rate, Conversion Rate and Yield. I need to use SAS to do this. This is the desired output I’m looking for: MTD/YTD Dates Tactic Response Rate Conversion Rate Yield Rate Last 3 Month Performance...
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    multiple condition help in macros

    Hello all, please help in below step. i have a scenario where user might want all the 3 variables or he may want on 2 or etc in the any way he wants. so, logic goes like this data x; set data y; where %if %upcase(&lab_paid_claims.)= EXCLUDE %then %do; IS_LAB_5 = 0...
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    Help with SAS assignment - I do not know how to do this in SAS??

    Study the notes “Simulations in SAS” and answer the questions that follow. Questions 1. Draw 10000 values randomly from a standard normal population and determine the following probabilities empirically (that is through a simulation). a) P(Z < 1.8), Z ~ N(0,1). b) P(–1.024 < Z <...
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    simple sas programming question (SAS 9.3)

    I constructed the program (below) and now I want to use the model (within the program) to calculate the predicted for a couple of data points. I have searched for a couple of hours to find the right way to code this. Maybe I just don't know where to look. Plus please make any suggestions on...
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    SAS programming help needed please!

    Hi, I am writing a SAS program that has too many IF THEN statements and it is getting overwhelmingly complicated. I am working with ages and placement of number of kids into "age buckets". Can you please take a look and try to figure out how to help with this (maybe with an array or a...
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    Introduction to simulation with sas

    Does anyone know any tutorial links for introduction to simulation with sas?
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    excel to SAS

    library work 'c:\documents and settings\desktop\s' data; infile 'C:\Documents and Settings\Desktop\sas.prn' firstobs=2; input subject salary job jobtitle $ yrsatjob gender age manager $; run; I cannot get this code to read in an excel sheet into SAS. I am saving it as a space...
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    SAS programmer needed for a 12 month contract

    Sas programmer needed for a 12 month contract based in Germany. Previous pharmaceutical experience required, the client is an international pharmaceutical compant offering competitive rates. Referral fee available for anyone we place. If this maybe on interest please send your CV to...
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    OR and poison regression

    Hi, I will perform Poison regression analysis because my data is meet the criteria to do so. I would like to have OR too, how I would write the program in SAS? I know that Poison regression option is in GENMOD, not in Logistic. Could somebody help me please?? Thanks a lot..