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    Need help with a simple formula i think?

    Anyone who can help, would be great please.... essentially, I have a very simple question that can be answered by most clever stats guru's, of which I am not one, so ever grateful and hoping I get a reply: I want to test/screen a population for lets say a an illness (any random illness will...
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    sure independence screening in clustering

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    Calculating Sensitivity and Specificity of Combined Testing...With a Surprise.

    Ok guys. I have an interesting question. I'm a biomedical engineering student from Georgia Tech and for one of my classes I have to implement screening policy for liver cancer. I decided to implement combined testing. It looks like this Test A High risk factor -...
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    Bayes, and the Horse He Rode In On

    A professor presented this question: "If a cancer screen comes back positive in 68 of 75 cases of actual cancer and in 5 of 191 cases of no cancer, when the actual cancer rate in the total sample is 1/3, what is the probability of a false negative test result (patient has cancer but test comes...