1. rogojel

    Turning an R script into an exexutable

    hi, before R I used to be big fan if Perl- and there we had an option to turn a script into an exe file so that people could use it without having to install Perl. Is there any similar solution for R? regards
  2. D

    I need some help with R. I am a new user and I am struggling to write one script.

    Looking up value from data table to summary table based on criteria in other columns. Hi, I am having difficulty with writing a script in R. What I am trying to get is: - I have a list of Product Codes and Product Descriptions. What I am trying to get is the view in table 2 with...
  3. O

    Help with a simple volume aggregation script

    Hi there, I'm having trouble with a simple volume bucketing script. Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated. Starting with 2 vectors, id and volume > volume <- c(0,0,0,120,110,0,50,78,170,11,0,0,5,0,56,13,0,78) > id <- seq(1,length(volume)) > v_id <-...
  4. G

    Script searching data in a kinship matrix

    Hello everybody, in a case-control study I have sampled cases stratifying for sex (0,1) and age (=62y). I need to sample a group of controls with the same characteristics (which I have already done) plus one more: the level of relatedness. In particular I need that controls are as least as...
  5. B

    Sports Forecasting - a million iterations

    Hello, I am working on a forecasting project and would like to create a script that automates the following steps: order data by X characteristic Create groupings 1...N. (Say deciles) run regression on the sample data for each decile group arranged by X Determine result. (A mathematical...