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    Ordinal regression (logit) with selection variable?

    Hi all, want to do an ordered logit regression. I have data from different sources and need to use the source as a selection variable for the dependent variable (only for the dependent variable, not for the regressors!). I know how to do this for a linear regression. Is there a way to do this...
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    Select Cases Loop

    Hi, I have data that has changed significantly over time, so a linear regression does not fit well. Instead, I'd like to select the data in 5 year pieces, and perform regressions on each one (eg. 1981-1985, 1982-1986, 1983-1987). Then I want to save the coefficients and R2 and model them in a...
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    SELECT IF command in SPSS syntax

    Dear all, I am having some difficulties with the SELECT IF command. Please find attached screenshots of my syntax: Syntax: Dataset:
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    How to identify cases of a string variable having sequences of values in SPSS 20

    I have a single string variable consisting of 30 characters for each case. The characters have values from 0 to 5. the 0 is the most common value. I would like to identify all cases having a sequence such as: 1 followed by a 4 with no other number except 0s between. Examples of the cases...
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    [Select cases] - command that shows me only cases that have ">= X missing values"

    Dear community, That is my first post and I try my best to make it a smart one. I have used multiple sources for help already, however my problem is still unsolved, that is why I am writing the post. Currently I am working on a missing value analysis with the goal to use a multiple...